​Imagine being so unbelievably physically gifted that you have the pick of several prestigious college football programs looking to get you on their team.

That's the dream Kyler McMichael is living right now. McMichael is a cornerback and a junior at Greater Atlanta Christian School. He's gearing up to announce a team to commit to at some point, and just announced the six he's focusing on.

Six excellent, top tier programs.

​​FSU, Tennessee, Auburn, Clemson, Alabama, and Georgia. Not too shabby. Imagine trying to decide between the two teams that just played in the National Championship game - and also four other really good schools.

McMichael is a four star recruit with quite a bit of hype already.


What's it gonna be for Kyler? Reigning champs Clemson? Local Georgia? The always elite Alabama system? It's rare that an incredible honor is also a painstakingly difficult decision like this one.