​LaVar Ball may not be able to sell shoes, but he sure can sell trading cards.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Leaf would be selling a set of limited edition trading cards, signed by the eldest Ball and featuring some of his most press-worthy quotes.

On Wednesday morning, they sold out. Every single one of them. Full price. Within seconds of their release on eBay.

Why anybody would buy these cards is beyond logic. They aren't going to feature LaVar Ball's stats from his brief stint on the New York Jets practice squad, after all. Who knows if they'll count as his "rookie cards" when he eventually becomes a veteran of orating the insane.

The only chance they have at increasing in value is if ​Lonzo Ball validates LaVar Ball's statements, which seems like a long shot at this point.

Eight months ago, the most famous baseball card in history sold for $3.12 million.

It seems like a distinct possibility that LaVar Ball bought all of his own cards and will attempt to package them for the small price of $100 million.