​In this day and age, NCAA college football teams are graded on their uniform's rather than their players! Joking, but seriously, some of the uniform's are incredible. 

The latest helmet released by the Michigan State Spartans is downright sick, bolstering a white and green sleek look. 

Check it out!

Michigan State added a sweet icy look to their helmets, in hopes of blinding opponents with its reflection. Hmm, I think we just started a controversial argument.

The Spartans haven't wore white helmets since 1954, but its 2017! And we will get to see them trot out onto the field September 9th versus Western Michigan, donning the new and improved helmets. 

The helmet more or less replaces the green parts with white, and white with green for a icy look, complemented by a white face-mask. 

There's no doubt that these helmet will be a fan favorite. 

All I can picture is some real spartan warriors equipped with these bad boys.

Yeah, scary stuff.