​This may have been a minor-league proposal, but this guy just had a major-league heartbreak. 

On Monday night at a ​Columbia Fireflies game, a ballpark proposal went terribly wrong. 

As a man got on one knee to make it official with the love of his life, his not-so-soon-to-be wife rejected him in front of everyone.

It takes a minute to get to the rejection after some dancing by the field crew, but wait for it. Totally worth it...as long as you want to cringe.  

Although the woman seemed to politely turn down his offer, the man is left visibly shaken and embarrassed. The woman immediately grabbed her purse and belongings and exited the stadium, leaving the man on one knee.

The only question is: What did she whisper in his ear? Not here or not ever.

Undoubtedly, to propose in front of thousands of strangers, the man must have been confident she would say yes, but how many failed marriage proposals will it take for people to learn to not do this anymore?

Unfortunately, this guy has to deal with the heartbreak of rejection and the embarrassment of said rejection being plastered all over the internet. 

Ouch. We feel for you, man.