​Say it ain't so! Not Steph Curry!

​​Curry did his absolute best "Swaggy P" imitation, going to his all-too-common early celebration on a 3-pointer, except this time, not only did the shot not go in, but the entire world was watching.

Curry loves to celebrate every three he takes, and he loves to celebrate them before they even go in, and in Game 5, that finally came back to bite him.

Something tells me Stephen Curry will be able to live this shot and celebration down easier than Nick Young has, but that comes with the territory of being the best shooter in the world. 

​​Some people made the most of the rare bad miss from Curry, and were sure to take to Twitter to express their disinterest in it.

The Warriors will need Curry to start making those three's this game if they want to close out the Cavs tonight in Oakland, and not head back to Cleveland for Game 6.