​You could make a case that the only fan base that actually likes Bryce Harper is his own.

He brings a new, boastful way of playing the game and many aren't too fond of it. 

Out of the entire league, the Braves might be the crew that despises Harper's antics the most, and it's not just because he owns their ace, Julio Teheran. Harper is hitting .455, with seven home runs and 17 RBI in 33 career at-bats against Teheran. 

But no, that's not it. Most Braves fans have not forgotten, but just in case you did, who could forget Bryce Harper dragging his foot across their logo while going up to bat?


Of course, Bryce claims he didn't even realize he dragged his foot across the symbol. 

However, what are the chances of Harper just deciding to drag his foot at that exact moment? Maybe he tripped and his foot just happened to drag right over their beloved symbol? 

Yeah, I doubt that.

Monday is the start of another series for the Nats and Braves. Most likely, Harper will hit a couple more bombs and we'll chuck a fastball at his back. Business as usual.

God, I hate this guy.