​If the networks -- ESPN, in particular -- are going to make revenue off of these NBA Finals, they need the series to end in more than a five-game whimper.

After all, we saw the refs try to help the Cavaliers win Game 3, but it didn't work. Thankfully, Cleveland won Game 4, so the chance for revenue is still alive.

Disgraced former referee Tim Donaghy agrees with the sentiment and thinks the officials will do their best to make sure the series continues after Monday night.

What Donaghy says always has to be taken with a grain of salt. He's spent his life trying to redeem himself for betting on basketball games and ​helping to fix the results of contests, so he's persona non grata in the NBA.

Oddly enough, despite his statements, he still thinks the Golden State Warriors are going to end things on Monday.

Does that mean the NBA is really bad at convincing their referees to even things up? Does it mean referees don't listen to the NBA? Or does it just mean Donaghy is talking out of his you-know-what?

The guy's controversial opinion will be intriguing to some, but it's hard to trust it.