​It's every kid's dream to play in the NBA, but if that doesn't work, court side seats are the closest any fan can get to the action in almost any sport. 

Being just feet away from the best players in the world in one of the greatest NBA Finals rivalries  to date sounds a dream too good to be true, but it is possible, and has quite the price tag. 

Recently, a fan shelled out over $100,000 for two floor seats to Game 5 of the NBA Finals. 

​​What's the fun in having hundreds of thousands of spare cash if you don't spend any of it? 

I can't vouch for anyone else, but I'm not sure I would have broke off that kind of bread for 48 minutes of basketball. 

Obviously the tickets entail the possibility of being on the floor if the Warriors close out the Finals in five games, but does the lack of quality games in the Finals warrant such a price tag?

I'll leave it up to that fan.