Star athletes mismanaging their money has unfortunately become a common occurrence​ over the past couple of decades. Either players hang out with the wrong crowd that enjoy taking advantage of their newfound wealth, or they hire a financial manager who wastes away their fortune. 

Ex-NBA player Darius Miles is the latest in a long line of athletes forced to file for bankruptcy, and he sold some extremely interesting items in his bankruptcy sale.

​​According to TMZ Sports the bankruptcy sale included the following items: signed jerseys by LeBron James and Larry Bird, and autographed shoes from Dirk and Lamar Odom. Woah.

Miles reportedly made $12,780 during the sale that included many more items, which slightly eased the pain of his bankruptcy. After making around $60 million in his NBA career, Miles has been forced to resort to a large-scale garage sale selling many of his prized items.