​D-Wade decided to take in Game 4 from the sideline tonight and...he probably wishes he'd gotten some advice on his wardrobe.

Wade is an all-time great scorer, but this is what makes Gabrielle Union the real MVP. You see what happens when he tries to dress himself?

I mean come on.

Man, I think everything is okay, but we don't think she'd let him go outside looking like this. Speaking from experience, your girl really ought to call you out for that. It hurts your feelings at first, but eventually you realize it's for the best.

Well, D-Wade went out in public looking like...that. And even his former teammate ripped him apart.

Yeah, D-Wade went for that Gucci Mane look, obviously. I'm not sure it's working out for him.

Or maybe Wade has a rap album coming out. Who knows? Just this week we found out Durant and LBJ have one...maybe Wade comes in on one of the tracks?

We'll have to wait and find out.