The Golden State Warriors are proving themselves​ to be quite unstoppable so far during the NBA Playoffs, and if it's up to Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper, the MLB might have its own unbeatable force soon enough.

​Recently, it has been rumored that Harper ​would "prefer to play for the Cubs" at the conclusion of his current contract with Washington. When Bryant was asked if he and his National League foe have ever discussed the possibility of playing on the same MLB team, he didn't necessarily deny it.

​​"I think we might have talked about it, just like messing around," Bryant said. "Like, 'It would be cool to play with you again'."

​Bryant, 25, and Harper, 24, both grew up in the Las Vegas area and have been competing with and against each other from the days of their youth. The prospect of one team possessing both of their talents is a frightening one for fans across the league, especially when you consider we likely haven't seen the best yet from the last two National League MVPs.

​Don't hold your breath, but you truly never know.