​On Saturday, Albert Pujols became only the ninth player in MLB history to ​hit 600 home runs in his career.

Throughout the slugger's Hall of Fame career, he has racked up three MVPs, two World Series wins and 10 All-Star appearances, among many other accolades, aided largely in part to the muscle behind his swing. 

But, what truly separates Pujols from other legendary contemporaries is his ability to hit for power and average.

​​Being on a list of only nine players to ever do something in the illustrious history of the MLB is one thing, but being second to only Babe Ruth signals legendary status. 

Not to mention, other than Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez, the other players on the list haven't played on an MLB diamond in quite some time, and contrary to Bonds and Rodriguez, no questions have been raised about Pujols' integrity. 

Pujols, 37, also homered his way to history at a pretty alarming rate, joining yet another eyebrow-raising list.

​​Pujols has been hitting dingers for more than 15 years, and watching the ball soar out of the stadium after leaving his bat never gets old. 

​​A lot can be said about a player who performs spectacularly with no cause to question if he did it legitimately. We applaud Pujols for his impact on baseball, and maybe we'll see him join Bonds, Ruth and Aaron in the 700 Home Run Club before it's all said and done.