​We are currently witnessing super teams in the NBA, but could it happen in Major League Baseball very soon?

Quite possibly.

There are a number of MLB superstars set to hit free agency after next season, and things could get crazy.

In an interview on ​670 The Score, MLB insider Peter Gammons was discussing Kris Bryant and a possible contract extension with the Cubs, and how Bryce Harper's future mega deal might impact that. 

And then he dropped a bombshell on everyone by saying: “I have people tell me that Bryce Harper, really, would prefer to play for the Cubs.”

Harper is a free agent after the 2018 season, and you are telling me he might be Chicago Cub when it's all said and done? Bryant and Harper, arguably the two best players in the National League, could be in the same lineup? That's insane.

The Cubs certainly have the market to pull this off, even though it'd be almost impossible to fit Harper's and Bryant's monstrous deals under the luxury tax threshold.

Not that the Cubs were never thought to be on Harper's radar once he hit the market, but it seemed to be a future showdown between the Nationals, the Yankees and probably the Dodgers.

Maybe Chicago will now be a frontrunner for his services?