There's loyalty, and then there's Rihanna's loyalty for LeBron. 

During​ last night's blowout we saw ​Steph Curry and Kevin Durant put on an absolute show, giving the hometown crowd in Oracle 66 plenty of reasons to cheer. Throughout the onslaught, there was one person who very obviously wasn't rooting for the Warriors. 

It was LeBron's biggest fan girl, Rihanna. 

​​At this point, we all know ​Rihanna's infatuation with James. She hasn't exactly been secretive with her love. With today's NBA fans hopping from bandwagon to bandwagon, you have to at least appreciate the pop star's loyalty. 

Even after the blowout, she had a quick answer to shut down her friend's "Warriors" chant pretty quick. 

​​You almost expect to see fans rip off their Cavs jerseys to show they have a Warriors ​​shirt underneath at this point, so each and every person who is loyal to The King is big.

Then again, when you go all out and put your favorite player's number on your stomach in sunscreen, you're probably at the point of no return. 

Even if the Cavs do get swept and end this snoozefest of an NBA Playoff, at least we know who will still be in the King's corner. 

Rihanna for life. 

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