Yasiel Puig is officially back to his cheery, happy-go-lucky ways with the Dodgers. 

The young star had his ups and downs with the team last season, even being sent down to Triple-A for a stretch of time, but things have been much better this year, as he's hitting .229 with nine homers and 29 RBI. 

Puig is currently a part of a Dodgers lineup that is just tearing up the league right now, lifting the team to six straight wins. Of course, with the offense absolutely mashing the ball, Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen hasn't had a chance to do the one thing he's best at: collect saves. 

In a hilarious gesture, Puig and the rest of the LA offense gave Jansen a little gift as an apology for rendering him completely useless over the past few games.  

​A ton of candy, what looks like cheerios and cinnamon toast crunch, AND a handwritten thank you note? What a sweet gesture from the Dodgers offense. 

You can't blame them here for feeling a little guilty. Jansen hasn't even gotten the chance to get a save since May 21, when he recorded his eighth and most recent save for the team. 

While he waits for his next shot, why not get some candy from the players keeping him from doing his job?

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