7 Whiniest Players in the NBA

Thursday was National Wine Day, which means it's time to countdown the whiniest players in the NBA. Even though many of these players often have a good case about poor officiating, their complaining often works against them. 

7. Dwight Howard

Gone are the days where Dwight Howard was one of the most beloved players in the NBA. Howard has become one of the league's most hated players thanks how often he pouts on the court, but he is no stranger to complaining about calls. 

6. DeMarcus Cousins

The NBA's leader in technical fouls for five of the last six seasons, Cousins can commonly be seen with an "are you kidding me?" look on his face. Cousins' constant complaining lands him in hot water far too often, and is part of why several teams are not interested in his services. 

5. Chris Paul

One the opposite end of the spectrum from Cousins, Chris Paul's lack of size commonly works against him, and he's not afraid to let the refs know it. Paul is the face of the Clippers in many way, including being known for always trying to work the refs. To his credit, he does so during dead ball situations, but his constant chatter is part of what makes him, and the Clippers, one of the most hated teams in the league. 

4. Isaiah Thomas

Thomas is second only to DeMarcus Cousins in technical fouls during the past two regular seasons. The NBA's favorite little guy is not afraid to express himself out on the court. Thomas is always looking for a reason to have a chip on his shoulder, and the officials are an easy chip to have. His six technical fouls this postseason are twice as many as any other player. 

3. Russell Westbrook

The darling of this NBA season, Westbrook is perennially among the league leaders in technical fouls. Like Thomas, he has that chip on his shoulder attitude, with the refs and the rim often being the recipients of his ire. Westbrook's 15 technicals this season were second only to Cousins. 

2. Draymond Green

Despite all of the great things Draymond Green does on the court, his biggest flaw, like most other players on this list, is his propensity to earn technical fouls for arguing calls. Green can be seen arguing just about every call, and commonly falls behind plays by arguing with the referees. But still, you deal with that considering how talented he is. 

1. LeBron James

Sometimes, the best player in the NBA gets a little upset with the officials. James can commonly be seen throwing his hands up, asking where a foul call was. His go to move is to look up at the scoreboard and watch for replays as if it's the evidence to his innocence. The refs do miss some calls, but James is no stranger to superstar calls.