The St. Louis Cardinals have found a new top-of-the-rotation starter, which is something they've been searching for since Adam Wainwright started struggling last season. When the Cardinals signed Mike Leake they figured they'd be adding a quality rotation piece, but Leake has been better than that.

Through his first nine starts this season, Leake has made sure the Cardinals have had a chance to win every game he's pitched.​

​​A quality start is any start by a pitcher in which he allows no more than three earned runs and pitches at least six innings. The right-hander made it nine in a row on Wednesday, and it was his best start yet. Leake is rarely even tiptoeing the line of a quality start; this season he has only allowed three runs once. 

Leake's line last night gave him the lowest ERA in the National League.

​​Nobody saw this type of production coming from Leake. After a disappointing season last year, he has certainly rebounded and proved he's worth his massive contract.

If he keeps up this type of play, a Cy Young award could be in his future.