​The alleged sexual assault charges brought up on three Michigan State football players has concluded, and the results are mind blowing. 

The Title IX investigation resulted in the three players having no consequences brought against them, and are not being removed from the university. However, they were suspended indefinitely at the outset of the investigation. 

Michigan State spokesman Jason Cody told the Detroit Free Press that he would not discuss the details regarding the conclusion of the investigation. The players were initially removed from campus and football-activities pending a final conclusion of the investigation, but no further action seems to be in their future.

The case was disclosed in February, being that it was part of a criminal investigation that had coaching staff and other team personnel being questioned.

Cody stated that if no violation was found, the case would be closed and no student conduct charges would be brought up against the football players. 

Of course the school wants to avoid any damaging of the image and recognition of their school name, so having the case dismissed will be their primary goal.  

Overall, Michigan State doesn't want to be another example of a mismanaged football program with unethical players. 

Hopefully they can get to the bottom of this and bring some form of justice to the situation.