​When Zack Greinke signed a monster deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks for six years and over $200 million, people expected an ace. Fresh off of a season where he had his lowest career ERA and finished second in the Cy Young voting, Greinke was as good as anyone in baseball. 

However, his first season with the Diamondbacks was pedestrian, as he pitched more like a third or fourth starter not an ace.

But good news for D-Backs fans! This year has been a complete turnaround for Greinke.

​​Greinke is back on top of his game and the Diamondbacks are getting their money's worth. Last night Grienke dominated the Chicago White Sox and came within one out of a complete game. After last night's gem, Grienke now leads the league in innings pitched and leads the NL in strikeouts.

Greinke's stuff has been so good this season that it seems he can get a strikeout on any pitch.

​​It isn't everyday that you see a 65 MPH pitch. Greinke has just been that good this season and last night was his best outing so far.

The Diamondbacks have playoff aspirations, and with one of the best records in the league, Greinke is at the forefront of their success.