6 Low Key NBA Offseason Moves That Will Have a Huge Impact

Sure, we're all waiting to see where Gordon Hayward hustles off to, who Brad Stevens has the best rapport with, and how the Lakers can ever convince anyone to head out West ever again now that LaVar Ball's probably lurking.

But what about the under-the-radar moves that might define the year to come from right under your nose? We've got you covered.

6. Amir Johnson Leaving the Celtics

Amir Johnson's time with the Celtics was great. He provided exactly what Boston hoped to get out of the 30-year-old big man: energy, rebounds, and a bunch of Tommy Points (which is really just more energy, but with a Boston accent). Johnson's 20 minutes a game won't be needed next year, but what will be needed is the $12 million a year in cap space the C's will free up.

5. Nerlens Noel Re-Signing With Mavericks

Oh snap, the Mavs are still a team and Nerlens Noel is still in the NBA?! Noel's squandered developmental years in Philadelphia are finally behind him, and the two sides are ready to truly make that a thing of the past as the talented (and still very young) power forward will have no trouble re-signing as a restricted free agent to stay in the city that believes in him.

4. Michael Carter-Williams Staying in Chicago

Just when all you poor Chicago Bulls fans thought everything was finally all coming together, it's going to blow up right back in your face. The front office is going to do exactly what they did throughout the 2016-17 season, which means making terrible decisions. That first step will be extending RFA/hot garbage MCW, solidifying the tumultuous development of guards that won't won't develop.

3. J.J. Redick Leaving L.A.

This one teeters on the edge of "low key" moves, but boiling this down to Redick himself is why I'm keeping this one off the "front page" news (sorry Dukies). Redick is likely in line for a pretty big contract. He's a very specific talent who will force some team to cough up a nice chunk of change to land him. Where this turns into HUGE news is when we see how the Clips respond to losing one of their key starters. Rome wasn't built in a day, but Los Angeles will crumble in a day when Redick signs elsewhere.

2. Kelly Olynyk Staying in Boston

This one may seem inconsequential, as it will simply be an ignored push notification that RFA Kelly Olynyk has re-signed with the Boston Celtics. 

Where this is huge news is with every other NBA in desperate need of a big and/or a three-point shooter. Olynyk's value isn't always highlighted like it was in his career game  to clinch the series against the Wizards, but Olynyk would really shine on a majority of NBA teams.

1. Alex Len's Pending Extension With the Suns

This one is as low key as it gets. Alex Len re-signs with the Phoenix Suns, big whoop, wanna fight about it? Unlike everyone else in the world, Phoenix fans should really care about this move, because it's going to catapult the Suns back into relevance. This young center is currently a RFA and is undoubtedly going to be re-signed considering he's been their big of the future for years now. The coming years will show that their time and patience developing Len has finally paid off.