​The legend that is LeBron James just keeps on growing every day. 

In a recent Twitter discussion of who the NBA's best purer scorer is, a suggestion of Kobe Bryant led Rotoworld's ​Michael Gallagher down a path to further King James enlightenment of how good he is ​in the clutch.

Let's start by looking at Kobe Bryant's career true shooting percentage and usage percentage in clutch time (last five minutes of a five-point game).

​​Clearly, our memory of the ball always being in Kobe's hand down the stretch was not just an aggrandized reflection on the past. Kobe definitely got the rock and definitely jacked it up his fair share.

But even the Black Mamba doesn't hold a candle to the King. 

​​James is a God of clutch. The TS% drops in the playoffs, which is no less incredible considering the massive amounts of trips he makes to the free throw line (where he is arguably at his worst). 

This data ​​is a career's worth of proof to illustrate that LBJ more trustworthy in the clutch than most people give him credit for.