​The story of Matt Harvey continues to thicken. 

After his ​mysterious no-show to Saturday's game, which the Mets pitcher attributed to a "migraine" (​yet was still playing golf that morning and partying until 4am the night before), the team suspended Harvey for three games.

This is yet another source of contention between the Mets and Harvey, who have had a strained relationship in the past.

Now, his teammates seem to be fed up with his actions:

Anonymous is always a little weak, but still, this seems to be the ​universal feeling amongst the Mets.

It just comes as another blow to the Dark Knight, who has had a pretty stunning fall from grace over the past couple of seasons due to injuries and, to put it frankly, arrogance. 

Now, it looks like his days in New York are numbered:

Hopefully the Mets come to their senses and let Harvey go sooner rather than later.