With the draft come and gone and teams essentially ready to compete with full squads, there are some franchises that have a few remaining holes just weeks before OTAs and training camp begins. 

In May, you rarely see a lot of free agent fireworks. You may have some big names remaining that are considered past their prime, are too injury prone, or just too much of an off-the-field issue to actually count on. 

The perfect time for a low-risk, high-reward signing, just like the Vikings are looking to do with a former first-round pick. 

Michael Floyd, the ​​king of blocking in New England, is in talks with Minnesota about a possible deal. 


If the NFL is looking to give out second chances to players, Floyd is next in line. 

Few teams, if any, showed interest in Michael Floyd towards the start of free agency. Then again, it is hard to show interest in a player who was serving a 24-day jail sentence following a​ DUI charge where he was passed out at the wheel

​The ​Patriots reportedly remained interested, but somehow their wide receiver corps is even more jam packed than last season. Minnesota may actually be a good fit for Floyd, where he can be a monster red zone target for a team that often relies on the 6-0 stature of Stefon Diggs. 

If Floyd has truly recovered, he could be one of the best signings of the offseason. It's not often you can add a first-round talent to your team, even if he has a bit of a reputation.

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