​It can be a tough road getting into the NFL, but Dimitrius Smith has been offered a window. 

Undrafted players often have to battle through circumstance to get into the pros. They're often cut multiple times by different teams, and struggle to make the cut even when they do everything right. 

It certainly won't hurt that Dimitrius is the younger brother of J.R. Smith, one of the funniest players in the NBA. 

Smith has been given a tryout with the Rams, a team that unfortunately has a ton of talent at the defensive tackle spot. While he played at a small school, his numbers over three seasons were very impressive. 

Coming out of Monmouth University, Smith won't have a lot of company in the NFL should he make the team. The most famous alumnus in the NFL is Chris Hogan, but Hakeem Valles and Neal Sterling have also spent time on rosters. 

I'm sure J.R. is proud of his younger brother.