​For baseball lovers everywhere, there has to be a list of classic films that blend in with your love for America's pastime. 

We even see signs of it today in sports. Whether it's ​hazing rookies to make them dress like the girls from "League of Their Own",​ reliving classics like "Major League", or even getting fired up that​ Kevin Costner is returning to baseball movies, the love of baseball classics is still alive and well. 

Now, one director who gave us one of those classics is dusting off his PF Flyers to give us another. 

David Mickey Evans, director of the baseball classic "The Sandlot", announced he's making another baseball movie called "Junior Americans". 


Calling a movie "The Sandlot for a new generation" is some of the highest praise a movie can get. 

Unlike his first classic, this one will be based on a true story about the last time a Little League team was coached by someone their own age. 

Granted, you won't seed Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez stealing home or Hamilton Porter calling his shot in this movie, but this is still fantastic news. Hearing that the man who gave us this classic is back to making a baseball movie is a sweeter sound than the crack of the bat when Smalls hit that Babe Ruth autographed ball into the Beast's yard. 

If you don't plan on watching this movie as soon as it comes out, then you're killin' me, Smalls. 

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