Over the past week or so, ESPN has laid off what feels like more than ​half of their reporters and TV analysts, and every time it feels like we're ​finally in the clear, another fan favorite reporter gets canned. 

Now, we can add two more beloved reporters to that list. According to Ed Werder, ESPN has also laid off NFL analysts Ron Jaworski and Merril Hoge. 

This report stems from some comments that Werder recently made about the company. "How is ESPN going to cover the NFL without all of the people who just lost their jobs?" Werder said. "What happens without Merril Hoge and Ron Jaworski to ‘NFL Matchup?’"

Well, none of US knew that NFL Matchup was no longer going to include Merril Hoge and Jaws, but I guess that's just the kind of transparency we get from a company that has fired well over 100 reporters in a week. 

On the bright side, maybe these two can join companies like FOXSports or CBS so we can actually hear them as color commentators during games. 

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