​It was an unceremonious end to an illustrious career Sunday afternoon for Paul Pierce.

In the future Hall of Famer's last game, Pierce finished with just six points, three rebounds, and one assist in slightly over 20 minutes of action.

His final stat line would show that The Truth would go out with half as many fouls as he had points in the Clippers' one-sided loss to the Jazz.

This loss may sting just tad bit extra given all of the circumstances. It was a first round Game 7 in the Staples Center, a place where Pierce is certainly used to playing in, but hasn't always gotten the results he's been looking for.

If one thing's for sure, in his post-playing days Pierce isn't going to look back on that arena with the fondest of memories.

In the end, it was a indeed a marvelous career for the Celtics legend, but let's not think of this as goodbye. It's more of a thank you, and see you later. Pierce cannot be remembered by this game, with the typical Clippers choking in Clippers fashion. He did all he could to help himself go out on a high note.

Given the heart and personality Pierce put on display over the course of his 19-year career, I'm sure we'll be seeing him soon in some capacity. ​Though there is no doubt his game will be missed.

Congratulations to The Truth on an outstanding career. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for us next, Paul.

We are indeed tuned.