​Light up the torches and sharpen the pitchforks everyone. It's time to go after LaVar Ball once again. 

It's usually open season on LaVar Ball, based on the absurd and ridiculous things that man does. He is a loving and caring father, but he is doing his very best to hurt Lonzo's career in every way he can. 

The latest edition of the "How can LaVar ruin Lonzo" saga came when Nike, Under Armor, and Adidas ​all passed on Lonzo due to his father's insistence that they license the Big Baller Brand. 

As you could've expected, Twitter had a field day. 

It all starts with the meeting. Demanding that a big company license your brand is the quickest way to sabotage a deal. 

Anytime your business ethics are compared to Michael Scott, it's time to look in a mirror and reevaluate your game plan. 

 A quick look at the millions AND MILLIONS of dollars LaVar Ball is essentially putting through a paper shredder. 

You can only imagine Lonzo's reaction when he finds out the big three companies all passed on him because of LaVar. 

Realistically, you know LaVar isn't ever going to cut it out. He's ready to go down with the Big Baller Brand like the captain of the Titanic. 

That's got to be the closest reaction to Lonzo when he got that phone call. 

The biggest question is now, what is Lonzo going to wear on his feet when he plays? No worries, Twitter has him covered. 

Either that or this. 

​​That still doesn't mean business man LaVar is done yet though. 

You bet LaVar is walking to that office like he owns the place even though the larger companies just said they want absolutely nothing to do with him. 

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