​This is just classic Roger Goodell. 

Coming off a night in which he was ​viciously booed by pretty much everyone in the city of Philadelphia, the Commissioner of the NFL needed to make some kind of statement to give himself some positive publicity. 

However, while doing so, he completely contradicted himself and looked like an idiot. After harshly opposing medical marijuana for the past few years, Goodell now claims that while it has positive attributes, but still is against it's recreational use. 

Fair enough on the recreational part Roger, but you're still not making any sense. ​​Let me get this straight.

You believe that medicinal marijuana, which has been scientifically proven to help players deal with pain and get over their injuries faster, is both "addictive and unhealthy." 

HOWEVER, you have no issue with prescribing players notoriously-addictive drugs like VICODIN to get over their injuries instead?!

How in the world can even YOU justify that making any sense?!

​​It's no secret that NFL teams are pumping drugs into their players' systems like freakin' candy to deal with pain. 

In the 2012 season alone, NFL teams were prescribing an AVERAGE of over 5,500 doses to their players. 

​​To put that in perspective, each team keeps just 53 players on their roster throughout the season. That means that each player is taking at least 10 doses of this addictive drugs PER SEASON. 

But no Roger, let's keep portraying medicinal marijuana as the devil's lettuce so you can keep pumping money into Big Pharma. 

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