Everybody loves the dunk. It's the most exciting play in basketball. The only time it isn't fun, is when you're helplessly looking up at the man soaring over you just a split second before he puts you on a poster. There are dunks, and then there are the plays that make you actually feel bad for the human that just got leveled on national television. Here are the top 10 most terrifying dunks in NBA history.

10. Gerald Green Windmill Alley Oop


Let's get this party started. Not only does Green get his chin at rim level, but he has the time to actually float in the air long enough to throw down a windmill. That's not something humans should be able to do.

9. Baron Davis Slams Over Andrei Kirilenko

baron davis

We all know just how loud Oracle Arena can get, but we know that level of crowd noise because of the ridiculous 3-pointers Steph Curry and company hit on a daily basis. Before the Splash Brothers, there was a time where Oracle was Baron's house. Just ask Kirilenko about it.

8. Shawn Kemp Throws it Down on Alton Lister

shawn kemp

Shawn Kemp was one of the best dunkers of all time. When he had a full head of steam heading towards the hoop, the best idea would be to run as fast as you could in the opposite direction. The terror defenders had when thinking about opposing a Kemp dunk can be perfectly described by looking at Lister's face.

7. Chocolate Thunder Shatters the Backboard


This isn't just a dunk. This is a dunk that makes every defender respect the heck out of you immediately. Nobody wants to get dunked on. You know what's worse? Giving up a dunk and letting glass rain all over your head.

6. Scottie Pippen Slams on Patrick Ewing


He's one of the most fearless players in NBA history, but for a Hall of Famer, Patrick Ewing got dunked on too many times. Nothing was more ridiculous than when Pippen dunked on his head, and then proceeded to saunter over his body before Ewing even knew what was happening.

5. Shaq Dismantles the Entire Basket


If you get dunked on, that's fine. You stand up and you walk away as you rack your brain on how you can regain your dignity. If you're under the hoop and the entire metal structure comes crashing down on top of your head, that's when you can actually get scared for your health. Any dunk that makes you legit scared healthwise belongs on this list. The scariest part is this isn't even the only time Shaq did this to a hoop.

4. LeBron James Jams Alley-Oop Over Unsuspecting Jason Terry


This is a nightmare scenario for Terry. He was trying his best to stop a fastbreak, only to turn around and see LeBron James flying through the air, knowing it was far too late to do anything. The image of LeBron standing over you after putting you through the worst spin cycle of your life is daunting.

3. Blake Griffin Obliterates Defenders With Dunks


Can't do it. There's no possible way to decide which Blake Griffin dunk was better, so the No. 3 slot gets a two-for-one special. It's almost criminal leaving out his numerous dunks at the expense of Pau Gasol, but there's one thing to learn from this: don't try to guard Blake Griffin when he's headed to the hoop.

2. DeAndre Jordan Wallops Brandon Knight

deandre jordan

This dunk is considered illegal in most countries. You hear the crowd erupt after the dunk, but those weren't cheers. Those were gasps because many were downright worried about the health of Brandon Knight. Jordan downright savaged him with an unreal slam.

1. Shaq Shoves Chris Dudley After Insane Slam


You can make an entire list just of Shaq dunks that make you not want to be anywhere near a rim. He's caught one-handed alley-oops, absolutely bodied defenders and is public enemy No. 1 for hoops. Yet this slam tops them all. The thought of having to try to stop a man that strong, and then having him remind you that it's impossible to do so by literally pushing you out of the way, brings a whole new aspect to the dunk. Poor Chris Dudley.

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