Bumgarner is expected to miss 6-8 weeks, according to Ken Rosenthal.

What are you doing, Madison?!

The San Francisco Giants are off to a pretty poor start to the season, going 6-10 in their first few weeks of play. Some of those losses can be attributed to the shockingly mediocre offense that's backed the pitching of star hurler Madison Bumgarner. 

Now to add injury to insult, the team is placing Bumgarner on the DL with bruised ribs and a painful shoulder sprain. 

​​While that does sound incredibly painful, it's how Bumgarner suffered the injury that is the real kicker in this story. 

According to Ken Rosenthal, Bumgarner was involved in a dirt bike accident during the team's off day in Denver. The accident was serious enough to send him to the hospital, but he has since been cleared and released. 

​​A shoulder sprain of any kind is a serious ailment, but it's even worse because it's the shoulder that Bumgarner ACTUALLY USES TO PITCH. 

The report claims that the ace will be reevaluated next week, but if these injuries are as serious as they seem, Bumgarner could be sitting on the DL for a little while. And all because of an errant bike. Come on, dude. This is a weirder decision than dating a girl with the same name as you.

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