​The 2017 regular season schedule was officially released by the NFL today and fans across the country couldn't be happier.

Well, fans outside of Chicago that is. The Bears, trying to impress everyone apparently, tried a new and intriguing way to announce their 2017 schedule. 

​​For each week, the Bears featured a different food item to reveal the team they'd be playing. For example, Week 2 is key lime pie, to represent Tampa Bay key line pie. What in the heck?

The Bears then revealed the schedule the more traditional way. 

Yet, you better believe fans were not happy about the original tweet. 

I mean, I was furious myself just trying to figure it out on my own, and I'm not a Chicago follower at all. 

The frustration kept growing and growing. 

​​Fans are even worried their health is at risk. 

​​I'm all for being creative, but the Bears FAILED miserably here. 

Better luck next year.