​There are dunks and then there are dunks that are borderline criminal.

What Myles Turner just did to Tristan Thompson is edging on the criminal side. In Game 3 of Indiana's playoff series with the Cavs, Turner hustled to get after a loose ball.

With all of his momentum going toward the basket, Turner didn't hesitate and flew to the rim. What happened next is something you might not believe. 


Goodness gracious. This was easily the dunk of the postseason. The reactions from his teammates showed just how nuts this play was.

We can only hope photographers on the baseline were able to capture this moment for it's true beauty. The jam belongs on a poster, which young basketball fans MUST feature on their bedroom walls for years to come. 

Indiana is looking good early on in this one. This jam will definitely keep the energy through the roof for the rest of the game.