6 Star Athletes Who Are Definitely Getting High Today on 420

That's right, it's 4/20, the national day of smoking pot. And while angry old folks like Jerry Jones  may still be afraid of reefer madness—oh wait, Jones started lobbying for a more lax NFL weed policy when he realized the Cowboys could benefit—plenty of athletes don't see much harm in lighting up once in a while. And then there are those who do it a little more often than that. Let's take a look at sex superstars who are definitely smoking today.

6. Odell Beckham Jr.

We all know OBJ likes to party. In his most famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at it) escapade, "drugs were passed out like candy." Yeah, with a quote like that, you make this list. Happy 4/20, OBJ! 

5. Michael Phelps

We've all seen the classic bong photo. And with his lungs, the greatest Olympian in history can probably hold more than his fair share of smoke. Now that he's retired from swimming, Michael Phelps won't be drug tested anytime soon, either. Sounds like the perfect recipe to continue being a symbol for the legalization movement. 

4. Le'Veon Bell

Who could forget Le'Veon Bell's hilarious tweet on 4/20 a year ago? Possibly Bell, considering all the weed he smokes. He's been suspended for driving under the influence and possessing marijuana, as well as missing drug tests. With those stats, Bell may have the prestigious title of biggest stoner in the NFL.  

3. Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch could return to the NFL anytime now, and if he does, he may give Le'Veon Bell a run for his money. Of course, famed stoner Snoop Dogg claims Lynch doesn't smoke weed. Seriously? The guy has a strain of marijuana named after him, and he sported a mask decorated pot leaves in practice. Let's be real. 

2. Carmelo Anthony

Excessive marijuana use may induce memory loss, so my advice to Carmelo Anthony is to actually start smoking a lot more if he ever wants to forget his time in New York with Phil Jackson. Of course, the weed at the airport wasn't Melo's, it was his "friend's." Well, Melo, it may be time to "try" marijuana. 

1. J.R. Smith

Melo's former teammate's passion for weed knows no bounds. He's been suspended for marijuana use in the past, he's tweeted "Happy 4-20," and when asked about the legalization initiative in Ohio, he joked, “Man, if [they] passed it, I wouldn’t have to leave in the offseason!" 

Let's hope he's got the munchies, because JR easily takes the cake on this list.