Sounds like we'll be getting an interesting rematch in the middle of the season. 

The NFL schedule won't be announced for a few more hours, but different games have started to leak out already. One of the most anticipated we've heard discussion of so far is the matchup between the Falcons and Patriots, creating a rematch of Super Bowl LI. 

And while it won't open the season, it sounds like the heated game will take place on Sunday Night Football during Week 7. 

We knew the Falcons and Pats would meet at some point during the season, but we had no idea when until now. Atlanta will travel to Gillette Stadium to complete the much-awaited rematch on October 22. 

Of course, the game will be a primetime matchup. Expect Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels to be in full throat when these two link up. After a relatively boring slate during primetime last year, it'll be refreshing to see some sparks fly. 

 The game will be in New England, so expect the Pats to be heavy favorites.