​Russell Westbrook making triple-double history?

No way. Not gonna happen. Doesn't sound familiar.

After an entire season of rewriting the record books around this one specific stat, of course Russ made a playoff mark a reality during his second contest of the season.

This 51-pointer? That's the most ever in a playoff triple-double.

And who else would possibly snag it?

Oscar Robertson (of course) held the previous mark at 43 points, and Russ busted the doors off during a bizarre contest when he simply could not stop shooting. While the loss likely wouldn't have made it to his mantle otherwise, it'll be hard to forget such remarkable totals.

​​This was one of Russ' weirdest outings, no doubt, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a little extra helping of praise.

After all, it's never happened before.