​Noah Syndergaard has had an ongoing feud with Mr. Met, but following the latest action by Houston Astros mascot, Orbit, directed towards the reigning AL MVP Mike Trout, Thor is ready for war.

Watch out. He's about to drop the hammer. 

Speaking on the behalf of the best mascot in the sport, the Phillie Phanatic, the Phillies Twitter account responded to Syndergaard's call to war with some fighting words of their own. 

Clearly they're not fans of Noah's attack on innocent mascots. 

​​Thor countered with a video of his recent victory over the Phanatic.

The Phillies conceded on that front, but wanted to remind Syndergaard of previous victories from MLB mascots. 

​​Don't worry, Thor has reinforcements. Enter the legend Tommy Lasorda.

The Hall of Fame manager may be 89 years old now, but he is still spry enough to partner with the Mets ace and take down the mascot empire if need be.

Now that would be an awesome Marvel movie.