Until just a few days ago, Luis Severino hadn't recorded a win as a starter since September, 2015. 

This season, he has two consecutive solid starts in which has shown that the tide is beginning to turn. However, lack of run support and defensive woes can and will prevent the 23-year-old from continuing this newfound success.

The Yankees have been terrible behind Severino, giving poor support both offensively and defensively. Earlier this year, the team suffered a bad loss to the Baltimore Orioles, with part of the reason being Chase Headley, who had two throwing errors that night, one of which led to a two-run homer by Seth Smith. Those were the game-winning runs for the O's.

Additionally, the Yankees' eight-game winning streak came to a screeching halt on Tuesday night against the White Sox. Once again, Severino started and pitched well enough to win, but a mishandled double-play ball by Pete Kozma allowed the White Sox to keep the inning alive and score three more runs. The Yankees also only scored one run on four hits. 

Sevy has begun to make improvements to become a quality starter. It's time his team begins to do the same and provide him with the backup he needs in order to keep improving.