​The Patriots world was shocked by a multitude of occurrences today. 

First, the entire football world learned of the death of former ​Pats star Aaron Hernandez, just after he was acquitted in his most recent murder trial. Despite this news, the team still held their plans of attending the White House for the Super Bowl ceremony with President Trump. 

Numerous Pats players were already​ skipping the visit based on political views, but given his closeness to the President, we all expected Tom Brady to be there for the ceremony. Until he announced this. 

​​Of course, this sent Pats Nation into a frenzy wondering what was going on and if it had to do with his ailing mother. Tom took to Facebook to give us a little hint as to why he may have skipped the White House meeting. 

​​So before everyone gets all freaked out, maybe we should chill and realize that perhaps Tom just wanted to spend his parent's anniversary with them? That would probably be a good decision. 

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Brady on the milestone and we hope for many more!

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