​Talk about a fighter. This guy continues to amaze.

Not a soul would have batted an eye if Isaiah Thomas chose to sit out of tonight's Game 1 against Chicago. It's miraculous that Thomas somehow found the strength to play, and so far he's looking like his usual self.

Unafraid, and unstoppable.

While the Celtics earned the top spot in the East this season, the Bulls are no typical eight seed. Chicago has been banged up, and unable to find their groove all season long, yet somehow still managed to make the cut in the East.

Boston surely will have their hands full against the Bulls in this series, but having their leader along for the ride is undoubtedly a big boost for the hometown team.

The Celtics are likely playing with just a little something extra as they compete to secure a win for Thomas' sake. The fact that he still came out to ball says a lot about this guy. He's truly one of a kind.

Though he's playing with a heavy heart, Thomas looks determined to lead his team to victory. Win or lose, what he's playing for is simply just bigger than basketball.

Our prayers go out to Thomas and his family.