​How have we never seen this before?

The Chicago White Sox put out their starting lineup for tonight's game against the Minnesota Twins, and the members of their starting outfield all have one thing in common.

Yup. They really, truly all have the same last name of Garcia.

With the call-up of outfielder Willy Garcia, the Chicago White Sox will have an entire starting outfield of Garcias, which is the first time in MLB history a team has started three outfielders with the same last name.

Willy Garcia will join center fielder Leury Garcia and right fielder Avisail Garcia, who is the hottest bat in the White Sox lineup (.452/.500/.645 with one home runs and eight RBI).

This is incredible and it should force everyone to watch the game tonight, just to simply hear the broadcasters try and distinguish which Garcia caught a particular fly ball. All in on this element of the Sox rebuild for sure.