Every now and again, we are reminded that there is so much more to life than sports.

San Francisco Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford was out of the lineup on Thursday night's affair against the Colorado Rockies, and now the details of his family's hard times are surfacing. 

Crawford's sister-in-law, Jennifer Pippin, has passed away due to an asthma-related cause.

Pippin was the sister of Jalynne Crawford, Brandon's wife, and presumably very close with them. Jalynne posted a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to her late sister.

​​The Giants organization and fans have been nothing but supportive of Crawford and his family throughout this extremely difficult time, and it's safe to say that will be the case until Crawford is ready to re-join the team. That will likely be on Friday night as the Giants prepare to battle with the Colorado Rockies.

Losing someone is always difficult, but the support of friends, family, and in this case, an entire baseball organization, can help mend the wounds.

Pippin leaves behind her husband and two daughters. May she rest in peace.