​When ​Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn broke up recently, we thought that would be it for Rodgers on in the Hollywood scene. 

It just makes sense. Munn was always viewed as a distraction. Now, Rodgers could fade back into focusing on the 2017 season while avoiding the spotlight until the next opportunity to tell the media to relax or to chuck up yet another Hail Mary. 

Apparently, Rodgers isn't ready to be a teammate just yet. You can take him away from Munn, but you can't take him away from Hollywood. 

Instead of working out with his teammates, the Packers quarterback has been working out with pop star Nick Jonas. 

​​Of course this is all speculation, but it's not great to imagine Rodgers working out with someone who sung "Jealous" instead of his teammates.  

Of course it is the offseason, and it's far from mandatory to workout with teammates right now, but you'd love for your captain and veteran signal caller to maybe try to workout with players who are looking to bring home a Super Bowl. 

Not someone who's looking to climb the Billboard charts. 

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