University of Louisville booster and national figurehead "Papa" John Schnatter is voicing his concerns over the current and future state of the university's athletic department.

​​The business mogul and CEO of the eponymous pizza chain, "Papa John's," is leading the charge against UofL's athletic department, and specifically the university's longtime athletic director, Tom Jurich. Schnatter ​had this to say about the current state of affairs:

“The athletics thing scares me … Until you fix athletics, you cannot fix this university,” Schnatter said.

​Referring to several scandals that have marred the reputation of the university's athletic department, including the 
​2015 alleged prostitution scandal involving the men's basketball team.

​​The general reaction to Schnatter's perceived slight at Jurich has been in defense of the athletic director, although Schnatter denied ever taking aim at the man who has held the position since 1997.

​It sounds like a case of typical politics within a board of members, but Schnatter is the namesake of the football stadium and reportedly one of the most significant donors the school has.