​It looks like we finally got the answer we were searching for. 

Earlier last week it was revealed that after three years together, and rumors of an engagement swirling, Aaron Rodgers and his long-term girlfriend ​Olivia M​uno had broken up, but had done so amicably. 

One question immediately popped into everyone's minds when this news broke: why? What could possibly have driven a wedge between the happy couple? Was it Aaron's family issues, or something greater?

Now, it sounds like we have our answer. 

​​According to the story above by the NY Post, Munn was "too controlling" over Aaron, and it was this fact that had actually ​spurred all of the issues Aaron was having with the rest of the Rodgers family. 

The couple had apparently also gone through a "rough patch" last summer, but these issues have always been a prevalent topic in their relationship, which allowed them to amicably split when they couldn't come to a resolution. 

This may sound like sad news for Aaron Rodgers and Packers fans, but there is a silver lining.

What's the best way to get over a breakup? Win a freakin' championship of course!

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