​Let's clarify one thing up top here: no, we have absolutely no idea why this happened, either.

We have no idea why Tony Romo, a solid quarterback known for interceptions in big spots and...kind of known by insiders for playing basketball in high school (?) got to suit up for the Dallas Mavericks tonight.

But he did, and we loved the dumb idea.

In fact, it wasn't long before Romo was setting impressive, yet familiar, marks with his new squad.

​​Dirk Nowitzki is probably best friends with Romo, but this Tweet certainly sounds mean on the surface.

"Haha, you suck, buddy! You're terrible, good friend!"

This did get us thinking, though.

Yeah, which very real thing is more insane?


Prior to tip, there were some pretty bold proclamations floating around.

Let me be the first one to call this inaccurate (read: not the first).

But in the pregame, Romo looked positively...good?

Like...that's talent?

It led to some swift overreactions.

Hell yeah, no problem.

Yeah, why not? He's already the lead CBS analyst with no experience, why not the logo for a league he doesn't play in?

And Romo almost, almost, ALMOST made it in for the final seconds.

Except he didn't. But almost!

This game wrapped up exactly as it should have: with Romo clamoring to get in, and a big fat L.

But props to Romo. He's happy. He got to enjoy a night all to his own!


Yeah, if Dak had shown up, they would've given him minutes. Fact.