The NBA logo has been a silhouette of Jerry West since its inception in 1971, but it may be time for a change. The game has change immensely, so why not usher in a new logo?

Great question. Well have no fear, the internet is here.

Twitter users took up the challenge and went to photoshop to make their own logos, and boy were they GREAT. Where shall we start?

How about we combine the everyday 9-5 American with the talent-filled NBA?

Stanley with the handles!!

Or maybe we can downright insult Jerry West with this asinine silhouette of Swaggy P?

Yes, he missed that shot.

JR Smith could work, I guess, considering he waits until after his shots to do this:

Forget on-the-court highlights. What about Gilbert Arenas in the locker room?

Ok, fine. Let's try one with an actual legend.

Sorry, Tyronn!

Speaking of those playing days, how can we forget Sam Cassell?

We can also go a bit more modern with some Golden State Warriors stars.

This one is a nice two-for-one logo:

Poor Steven Adams.

But Thunder fans would at least get a kick out of this one!

And who can deny the truthfulness of this one?

And, in the wake of the "soft" NBA players taking their days off...

Like I said, the internet had its way.