​Time to get a bigger bank. Not gonna be able to fit all this money in the current vault. 

After working all offseason to secure a long-term extension, the Falcons and star cornerback Desmond Trufant reportedly agreed to a massive deal that will keep Trufant with the Falcons for five more years. 

According to reports, Trufant's deal is worth up to $69 million with $42 million guaranteed. That puts him among the top paid cornerbacks in the NFL, just below Redskins corner Josh Norman, who has $50 million guaranteed. 

 Truant made the Pro Bowl in 2015. Along with Robert Alford, the Falcons have one of the best cornerback duos in the NFL. 

Both sides said they wanted to get a deal done before Trufant's rookie contract ended next season and that's exactly what they did.