This has Yogi Berra written all over it.

​Harold Reynolds enjoyed a ​12-year career as a second baseman for the Seattle Mariners, Baltimore Orioles, and then-California Angels. Since then, Reynolds has put together an impressive resume as an MLB analyst for ESPN, Fox Sports, and currently the MLB Network.

Reynolds was never much of a pitcher, so we'll give him a pass for his boneheaded comment made on a Thursday night MLBN broadcast.

On the surface, this reads as an incredibly cold take on baseball's strikeouts per nine innings pitched statistic, or K/9. The statistic measures the number of strikeouts on average a pitcher produces on a ​per nine innings pitched basis. Of course, it should be noted there are generally nine innings in a baseball game.

​What Reynolds is likely trying to prove makes sense: relief pitchers have inflated K/9 totals because they are typically only expected to face three batters. However, Reynolds apparently doesn't fully grasp why the statistic uses nine innings as a base.

​Of course, Twitter went in on poor Mr. Reynolds.

I'm willing to give him a pass on this one based on intent of verbiage, but Reynolds isn't doing himself any favors.

Maybe next time he'll suggest changing the strikeout "K" abbreviation to "S.O."