Usually people don't complain about off days in any realm of work.

However, when you're a baseball player that just took the field on Opening Day, you're naturally jacked up and want to play more. Save the off days for the dog days of summer!

That's how Kansas City Royals pitcher Danny Duffy feels. He's outraged about how Major League Baseball handles the off day scheduling, especially since his team isn't playing on Tuesday after taking the field on Monday.

Duffy is not wrong with his claim here. 

​​It seems like every season the month of April is loaded with off days. That seems pretty unnecessary, especially with the players having months off during the offseason and multiple off days a week during spring training.

Every player should be well rested and ready to go at the start of April. The MLB can become a grind with two straight weeks of games in the middle of the season, so the league should save those off days for then.

Not in April when the players want to play and the fans want to watch. Doesn't make sense.